Personality Edit

Acacia can be loud and sometimes selfish, but she isn't really a bad person . She looks very bright and bubbly, but looks can be very decieving.She doesn't seem to know many people outside of her friends group. She is also a fantastic singer.


Appearance Edit

Acacia has two big, pink buns with five spikes on each one. Her eyes are pink and use to have tints of brown. She wears a light grey tank top with red straps and yellow between her two breasts.She wears a grey hoodie around her waist and wears pink shorts underneath. She has knee-high grey boots. She has a mole on her right cheek and use to wear a star earring in her right ear.

For school she wears the regular white shirt, pink tie and brown cardigan over it and a pink skirt. She still wears her earring and also has pink socks and black flats.

As a reindeer, she wears dark brown antlers and a black nose.

As a reference to Ayano Tateyama, Acacia wears her regular outfit but, with a red scarf.

Relationships Edit

Cedar Edit

Acacia and Cedar are best friends. Acacia can be kind of loud and sort of selfish sometimes, but Acacia really does care for him. They've been best friends since their childhoods. Acacia helps Cedar with personal problems and vice versa. They also like to sing on the rooftop of their school together. They depend on each other for almost everything.

Mara Edit

Just like almost everyone else, Acacia and Mara get along very well. Mara also likes to watch Acacia's performances on the rooftop with Cedar.

Connor Edit

Acacia and Connor don't seem to interact much, but they both hang around eachother quite frequently. Connor is one of Acacia's few people who spectate her performances.


Trivia Edit

Acacia was HeartFelt's sixth character to be revealed.

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