Birch is very smart and well-liked, but she's very quiet and doesn't speak much to anyone. She's at the top of her class. Birch likes to read and study, but also has fun.


Birch has long, wavy, white hair with two pieces coming down to her shoulders and straight cut bangs. She has white eyes. She wears a blue shoulder less jumper with a lighter blue stripe and white stripe. She also has a blue skirt with a lighter blue line along the bottom. She has white socks and black flats

She use to have a duller version of her current outfit and a matching beret with a bow. She also had no socks

Going to school, Birch wears a brown cardigan, white shirt and black tie. She has a white skirt, white socks and black flats.

As Santa, she wears a traditional red and white Christmas hat and her school uniform.She also has a diamond of an ice looking object floating in her hand.

She once wore a short sleeved blue suit, white shirt and black tie. She has a navy skirt and blue line on the bottom. She has blue ankle boots.


Oak Edit

Oak and Birch are best friends, even tho they seem opposites, because Birch likes to have fun too. She feels as if she doesn't have him she'll just waste her school life reading books or studying. Birch and Oak go to places together and Birch feels like they were meant to find eachother.


She likes ice-skating

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