Personality Edit

Cedar can be a big softy! He is also sweet and can sometimes be a pushover. He is shy and easygoing.

Appearance Edit

Cedar has messy, mint hair and matching eyes. He has grey glasses and a navy jumper and pants,with black shoes. He also has a mint necklace

For school, Cedar wears a brown cardigan, black tie and navy pants. He wears a mint scarf, black shoes and still sports his glasses.

As another casual wear for Cedar he wears a thigh-length grey coat with a grey and white striped shirt. He wears navy pants and light blue shoes. He wears a darker scarf then his school one.

As a reindeer, he has a black nose and dark brown antlers. He also wears his school uniform.

Another outfit for Cedar sees him wearing a grey hoodie. He wears blue shoes and navy pants.

As a reference to Shintaro Kisaragi from Kagerou Project, Cedar was once seen wearing an untucked white dress shirt. He had navy pants and black shoes, He had a red jacket tied around his waist.

Relationship Edit

Acacia Edit

Although Acacia can be loud, she and Cedar get along very well. Although they are not in the same class, they both hang around playing music together and sometimes Connor joins them. They are best friends, they have eachothers backs and talk to eachother when the other needs advise or help

Trivia Edit

  • He oddly loves rabbits
  • His family is rich
  • His necklace is his lucky charm, given to him by someone he cared about
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