Connor is sort of a loner, he still has friends though. He and his sister haven't been themselves since their parents divorce.


Connor has messy, dirty, green hair and matching eyes.He has tanned skin. He wears a grey and black sweatshirt, green pants and black shoes.

Alternatively, he wears the same clothes as above but, with brown pants.

For school, Connor wears a white shirt and brown cardigan. He has a black tie, green pants and black shoes.

As a reindeer, he wears his school uniform, a black nose and brown antlers.

Connor was seen with neat, tidy hair and green and grey headphones. He had a grey jacket and white t-shirt. He has black pants and grey shoes.


Mara Edit

Connor and Mara are twins.Mara sometimes dislikes being Connor's sister, they don't agree on most things and sometimes hate eachother. Besides all that, they aren't too far from being best friends, they get along over time, and eventually stop arguing, but both want their lives to return to normal.

Acacia and Cedar Edit

Connor can sometimes be seen playing music with Acacia and Cedar


  • His parents are divorced
  • He lives with his father
  • He can play the guitar
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