Mara is a very athletic girl, which means she can be very energetic. She is also a nice person.


Mara has shoulder-length green hair with pitch black bangs. She has stubby and thick green eyebrows and big green eyes. She normally wears a grey hoodie with a green sports bra underneath. She has dark grey sporty shorts with a green stripe. She wears grey sneakers with a white sole.

For school, Mara wears a brown cradigan with white shirt and green tie. She has black skirt with a pastel green line. She wears black shoes.

As a reindeer, Mara wears brown antlers and a black deer nose.



Connor and Mara are twins. Mara sometimes dislikes being Connor's sister, they don't agree on most things and sometimes even hate eachother. Besides all that, they aren't too far from being best friends, they get along over time, and  eventually stop arguing, but both want their lives to be normal


  • Her parents are divorced.
    • Mara lives with her mother whereas Connor lives with her father.
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