Oak is popular, cool and is also smar. He's cunning and can be a flirt. He likes having fun and living life to the fullest.


Oak has spiky orange hair which goes up in the air. He wears black sunglasses. He has a wine shirt with orange striped sleeves and some tribal markings. He also has silver swimming goggles. He has brown pants and black shoes.

For school, Oak wears a brown cardigan, orange tie and white shirt. He has brown pants and black shoes.

Another outfit is his original outfit, with a brown belt and yellow buckle.

As Santa, Oak wears a traditonal red Christmas hat. He wears his school uniform too.



Birch and Oak are like complete opposites. He tries to drag her along to have fun on his crazy adventures through the town. They are best friends and have been so since early childhood.


  • He loves sports and music, he wants to either be a muscian or a baseball player.
  • He loves going to socials/parties
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