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Willow always seems happy, as a frown has never been seen on her face. She seems to be very active and hyper as she is always seen with some sort of candy in her mouth.She hangs around with basically everyone she knows. She cares about her friends and family very much.

Appearance Edit

Willow sports two very long lilac braids with her bangs swooping to the side. She has big, round lilac eyes.Casually, she wears white shirt with a pink skirt and pink suspenders. She also has black flat shoes.

For school she wears the regular white shirt, purple tie and brown cardigan over it and a purple skirt. She wears no socks and black flats.

As a reindeer, she wears her school uniform with brown reindeer antlers and a lilac Rudolph nose.

Her first outfit has her wearing a white t-shirt, pink shirt and matching scarf. She has black ankle-boots,a pink cape and a pink beret with a pink bow. She also holds a wooden staff with a purple sphere.

Another outfit for Willow, is her wearing a white sailor uniform with a brown tie, she has a brown skirt and grey tights. She has black shoes

Willow was once seen wearing a white shirt, pink scarf and pink skirt with black boots

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  • Willow has never been seen without anything sugary in her mouth
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